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Professional Training Program

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Individual Sessions

Working individually, you meet for one-hour each week (in person or on the phone) for about 10 weeks. You complete home-practice exercises between sessions that are guided by written materials and CDs. Your program, and guidance in the use of the home-practices and strategies, is customized to best meet your individual needs.


Complete set of program materials - $45

Individual sessions with Ken Farber - $225 hr

Individual sessions with Jane Brunette - $125 hr

Call (510) 868-1629 or email info@mindfulnessbehavioral.com

Group Programs

Group sessions are available for those experiencing fertility problems. Programs are offered in San Francisco, California. 

Mindfulness and Inquiry support programs are available for those who’ve completed the core MBST program. 

Call (510) 868-1629 or email info@mindfulnessbehavioral.com

Professional Training Program

A professional training program is available for psychotherapists, counselors, coaches and other health practitioners.

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