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Why Take a Professional MBST Training Program?

When people come to you for help with anxiety, stress, low moods, anger problems or stress-related physical complaints, do you routinely affect a sharp drop in mental, emotional and physical symptoms? Within 8-12 weeks? 

Have you been looking for a way to incorporate systematic mindfulness training into your work with clients? 

Have you been intrigued by the evidence-based outcomes achieved by cognitive-behavioral therapies, yet have reservations about using an “intellectualized” approach that focuses on the faculty of reason? 

Would you like to take a training program where you, yourself, are likely to achieve measurable reductions in anxiety, depression, hostility, and stress related medical symptoms?

The leading evidence-based psychotherapies and self-help methods in today’s world have one core quality  in common – a systematic focus on home practice of techniques learned from the therapist or educator

Psychodynamic psychotherapies, and most Humanistic and Transpersonal psychotherapies, focus primarily on the transformation that can occur between practitioner and client during the therapy hour. These therapies do not take advantage of systematic and intensive use of home practices to foster healing, wisdom and transformation.

One key factor that Eastern spiritual practices and cognitive-behavioral therapies have in common is an emphasis on what one can do for oneself to foster inner transformation.

Mindfulness Behavioral Skills Training is an approach that offers a highly effective and integrated package of what one can do for oneself to relieve suffering and to discover greater peace of mind, joy and enthusiasm for living.

74% of patients taking MBST programs, whose psychological distress (as reported on the SCL-90R inventory) would classify them as mental health outpatients, reported their symptoms drop to normal levels
by the end of the program.

The MBST training program for professionals includes 10 weekly 2¾ hour sessions, one all-day Saturday, 9am - 4:30pm, and one full weekend Sat/Sun from 9am – 5pm each day.

You will be provided with all you need to get started in this work:

  • A complete set of ready-to-use client hand-outs, over 60 pages, including electronic copies on CD)
  • A training manual
  • Summary of research and theoretical underpinnings for the use of each of the methods used in this program as well as their integration
  • 5 home-practice CDs with guided mindfulness and awareness exercises
  • Measurement tools (so you can create your own demonstrated track record)
  • Evidence, rationale, protocol and precautions for using these methods to help people with a variety of conditions including:
    • anxiety/fear/panic
    • problem anger
    • self-criticism
    • chronic pain
    • premenstrual mood problems
    • stress related symptoms
    • sleep problems
    • grief
    • infertility
    • coping with chronic or life-threatening illness

Cost: $2,700
$400 discount for early enrollment, 3 weeks prior to the program start date.
Additional financial arrangements can be made for those in need.

This is a powerful, potentially life-transforming training. You will get a taste of the methods used and the potency of the home-practices. Even if you have years of background in meditative and psychological growth methods, there is a likelihood you will experience a significant improvement in your own experience of physical and psychological health and well-being.

For more information call (510) 868-1629

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