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History of Mindfulness-Behavioral Skills Training

Mindfulness Behavioral Skills Training evolved out of the cutting-edge work of the founder, Ken Farber, at two of the San Francisco Bay Area’s most respected medical centers—The University of California San Francisco Medical Center and Kaiser-Permanente. Ken taught and managed programs using mindfulness-based and other behavioral health methods to help people with a wide variety of conditions to reduce psychological distress, physical pain, and stress-related medical symptoms.

In 2002, he received a grant from Kaiser-Permanente to develop a mind-body wellness program for infertility patients. With this program, he integrated key methods he had been working with, and included for the first time, a meditative approach to working with distressing thinking developed by Byron Katie. The extraordinary success of this approach led to the development of MBST. Ken’s work with infertility patients has been reported in the San Jose Mercury News and San Francisco Medicine Magazine. 41% of participants in the infertility programs became pregnant within 6 months—that’s over twice the pregnancy rate reported in studies of patients receiving standard medical care alone.

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