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Program 100% Guarantee

Why the guarantee?  It’s one way to communicate to you the reliable effectiveness of this work.   Four out of five people who do the home-practices get very significant and satisfying results (and I’m truly quite happy to refund the investment for those who don’t).  For many, the results are dramatically life-changing.   Major progress also occurs for people who’ve done traditional psychotherapy, cognitive therapy, meditation training and other approaches, even when there’s been limited or no success.  

The one “catch” with the guarantee is that you actually do the home-practices (about 30 minutes daily) over the course of at least 6 weeks.  The home practice is the backbone of this program and it one of the reasons why the program is so effective.   

There is a 105% guarantee for psychotherapists and medical doctors! We are confident that even if you are an “expert” in mental or physical health care, the application of the methods used in this program will help you feel a whole lot better – even if you are just looking to reduce stress and enhance your sense of wellbeing. [Click Services to learn about professional training opportunities.]

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